Video Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

Video production and Video SEO can be daunting tasks for those who publish affiliate products and services online. Those who endeavor to tackle it and become efficient at the skills required will always be looking for short cuts to effective affiliate publishing.Video is a hot topic at the moment, and personally, I don’t see it cooling off any time soon. There are literally millions of videos online and probably hundreds of millions of people who view them in any given year. That is one big market, and it is only going to get bigger!Video is so effective because it is a multidimensional media, combining pictures – both moving and still, with all kinds of special effects, sound – both music and voice over, and print – which can also be manipulated to become more alive; all features and the creative combination of them can be very intriguing for the viewer. Video is always living and active, and video is well and truly here to stay as a marketing media.All of that is great news for the viewer, but what about the producer? How do they produce numerous videos without having to spend hours upon hours, or even days, to get a video out, and then how do they optimize the video for the search engines?We all know that if we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly. The more videos you produce the more likely you are to have them viewed online, and the greater the chance you will have of generating traffic to your web site. More traffic indicates the likelihood of more conversions to sales of your affiliate products – which in turn means commissions in your bank account.As a former Television Commercial Producer I have produced hundreds of commercials in the 90’s, and quite a few promotional videos of various lengths. One of the problems all producers have is shrinking the informative content down to the time frame allowed by the budget. This is a skill and an art. When you are producing videos to sell your affiliate’s products and services you have no budget, so in effect, you are producing for free! This leaves you with an overriding concern to become efficient very quickly.Most videos produced that sell affiliate products online are usually as simple as sitting in front of a web cam, or using screen capture software to show the viewer point and click options contained in the product, some of the videos are up to ten minutes long, and may lose the viewer’s attention because of the length. This kind of production is fine, and lots of people are doing it. But, how do you produce quantity without losing quality, and still stand out in the crowd?When a person searches for a particular topic on a video site like YouTube or Yahoo Video, they type in the keyword or phrase of which they are interested into the search box. This will bring up numerous videos in that category. One of the first things you notice is a thumbnail shot or a small single ‘frame capture’ of each video that is returned by the search engines. Another thing you may or may not have noticed is the general overall resemblance of the returns. They all look very much alike, and very few stand out. To be noticed in a crowd you must stand out, or you will get lost in the blur of ambiguity. To be indistinct is to be almost invisible. Take a second look when you get time and you will see what I mean.A way I have discovered to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ to produce numerous videos quickly, and to stand out in the crowd when they are uploaded, is to use the K.I.S.S. Principle, and keep it simple. In fact, I produced 12 videos over one weekend and they do stand out due to how they were produced. When you can produce, render, upload, and add tags and titles for each video at one video every hour, uploaded to 2-3 video sites, you are hopping!First I keep them short, no more than 30-31 seconds each. This helps with speed of production, rendering, and uploading. You can produce more, and more is always better than less when it comes to video search.Secondly, I make a template for these short videos on my editing software. I use five sequences of 6 seconds each and alter them according to the product. Again, speed.Thirdly, I make all the backgrounds black with colorful text that doesn’t dominate the space. You have heard of ‘white space’ in print, well black space for video works the same. This helps with the ‘standing out in the crowd’ aspect, as most videos usually display white backgrounds on the thumbnails, and this means they all look the same to the casual eye and they tend to blend in with the white backgrounds of the web pages.Fourthly, I top and tail the video with the same frame to outwit YouTube’s frame capture algorithms. With the top and tail being the same sequence this means I only need four sequence changes in each new video. This insures, for the most part, that the frame of my choice is displayed on the search returns. If You Tube changes this formula, I change mine. I had to redo one video that I had added pictures to 5 times until I beat it! Luckily it did not take long to move sequences and transitions.Fifthly, I use the affiliate’s squeeze page for the script, capturing their choice of words for each 6-second sequence. You will be amazed at how quickly you can find key phrases to use as text in the video. Your affiliates have already done the brain-work and you are promoting their product, so they will be very happy you made a video for them. After all you are going to ultimately direct your viewer to their squeeze page for the full and unaltered long version of your short introductory video of their product.And finally, I don’t use a voice over, generating only a music background, this adds to the clean feel and sound of the videos. When the videos are complete they all have a similar look and feel about them. One may think that when they are all together they may be boring to watch, but the contrary is true. Lots of short colorful videos with ‘easy on the eye’ text, and ‘easy on the ear’ music, rather than numerous voice-overs, are more likely to be watched than a few longer videos with long explanations, that may lose the attention of the viewer.One of the ways I have discovered at how YouTube and other video sites work is that they cluster all the videos that are produced by the same person together through a ‘more videos like this’ sorting algorithm. This means that if one is found, all of them will be, and the one that perhaps you promoted or that may have received more views and reviews, will drag all the others up with it on the search page returns. This means that your videos tend to dominate the category.Another great bonus is that if you post them all up on a web page with a black background only the colorful text of each video stands out giving the page a uniform and uncluttered look.These are just a few tips that might help you to produce more videos, and how to use the video search engines to promote them. And guess what? Video SEO can be done for free! Get producing and promoting. It will pay off in the long run.